How we work - Wall Street Stock Strategy

how we work

We use Market data, cycles, charts and geometries to create a strategy that statistically will produce profits from specualtive trades in the Stock Exchange Market. Let’s put it simple: we tell when and where to buy and sell Stocks.


how you take advantage of our signals

After we study the Stocks, we create a precise strategy, with entry points, exit points, and stop-loss signals. You receive a Report, every day, about every signal we have on every Stock we trade. You will not have to trade 25 Stocks every day. It can happen we do not have a signal for weeks on a specific Stock, but dealing with many Stocks, we can pick up the ones that are offering the best opportunity in terms of risk-reward. How do we calculate that? Well, that’s our job, and that’s exactly what you need us for.


how to read the signals

The signals from the Reports are very easy to read:

The Report says:

  • open a SHORT position with a Sell Stop Limit Order at 51.59 with 100%
  • use a Take-Profit Order at 50.51 with 25%
  • protect the trade with a Stop-Loss order at 52.11

Once we open the position, the day after the Report will show it:

The Actual position now has a SHORT position at 51.59. You see the orders are black, but before they were written in blue. This is because we write in blue every NEW signal, in this way the Subscriber is immediately able to see what’s new in the Report. The day after, the take-profit and stop-loss orders did not change, so, we turned them in black.

When the position is SHORT, it is in RED. When the position is LONG, it is in GREEN.

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