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stocks strategy for profits

Wall Street Stock Strategy offers a precise trading plan for US Stocks, with Reports sent in PDF via e-mail on daily bases. In our Stock Strategy Daily Reports, we are dealing with 25 Stocks at the moment, but this number is about to increase. Every Stock has a very precise strategy, and this is the power of our service: we provide signals; where to open the position, where to put stop-loss orders and take-profit orders. We never let the subscriber to deal with doubts. We do not believe in words in a field where only numbers tell the truth.

Stock Strategy – there is only one purpose in trading: profits. Rely on who shows you profits, and not just words.

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Profits/Losses Ratio

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Look at the big profits and the little losses. Thanks to a specific strategy, we were able to produce a profit of +26% on the entire capital used to trade Stocks, in 9 months. The risk is very low thanks to a precise strategy that cut the losses and thanks to a selected diversification.

Everyone subscribing our Service could see these results in real-time, and you can see it from now on, signing up our Newsletter, and you receive for FREE the Daily Reports, every day before the Stock Market opens.

real trading numbers

The strategy went public in April 2017, trading now 23 stocks, here the results:

abt -2,64%
aap -5,20%
aet 6,94%
afl -1,21%
agn 12,95%
goog 4,90%
amzn 2,77%
aee -1,24%
axp -2,17%
aiv -0,24%
ajg 1,83%
bax 1,38%
bbt 5,16%
bcr 9,07%
bwa 10,86%
brk.b -0,92%
cbg 0,39%
lng 7,71%
disck 2,46%
dps -1,47%
sbux -2,76%
tgna 7,75%
disck 4,15%
bhi 3,77%

My dear Mr. Prandelli;
You really have a smooth handle on soybeans. Thanks for the info on beans. You do seem to have a crystal ball for the market, most notably soybeans. Nice to make a buck or two thanks to you. Closed contracts today as the market is moving strongly up in soybeans. Maybe should have let it run but like you always say, “stay with the trend as there will be more opportunities ahead”.

Harold Warnick
Private Trader, West Virginia (USA)

Precise strategies to make profits

It is important to know we can rely on a precise strategy that has no doubt of what we should do, in any situation. We work with favorite odds and numbers, this is the reason our strategy has produced real profits. The power of our Service is on these points:

  • We let the profits to run and cut the losses, using always stop-loss orders on any position
  • The strategy monitors the Market every day, avoiding big losses
  • A solid Stock Trades-Record based on more than 10 years of history data
  • Drawdown very low, with the possibility to use a comfortable 2:1 leverage
  • The Market changes conditions, we change conditions; our strategy is not static