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What is the Stock Strategy Daily Report

Wall Street Stock Strategy offers a precise trading plan for US Stocks, with Reports sent in PDF via e-mail on daily bases. In our Stock Strategy Daily Reports, we are dealing with about 25 Stocks, but this number is about to increase.


The strenghts of our strategy:

  • Every Stock has a very precise strategy
  • The strategy provides  signals; where to open the position, where to put stop-loss orders and take-profit orders.
  • Very low risk on the entire capital thanks to tight stop-loss orders and diversification
  • Tested over the last 12 years, proving to provide profits every year
  • We monitor the Market constantly; no updates every week or month but every day


Subscribing the Stock Strategy Daily Report (which is FREE at the moment), you will receive the Report every day. It does not mean you have to trade 22 Stocks every day, sometimes we have just a few orders to update per day. The purpose of our strategy is to follow important trends, but keeping the possible loss always very low (how we are able to do that is our little secret).

We provide also a Trades Record, complete of all the Signals we have provided since April 1, 2017, the day our strategy went public.

Download here the sample of the Report (PDF): STOCK STRATEGY DAILY REPORT

Here on the right, you can see the details to learn how to read the Daily Report, but trust me, it is very easy.


Any question you have, you can always contact us at

Total performance from April 1, 2017 to February 26, 2018 (11 months):

No Leverage = +10.14%

Leverage 2:1 = +20.27%

Leverage 4:1 = +40.55%

Here below you can see the performance on each Stock, but you need to understand our Percentage System strategy. The Percentage System strategy is built to keep the risk very low.


abt -4,09%
aap 1,21%
aet 6,68%
afl -2,86%
agn 12,39%
goog 8,24%
amzn 2,84%
aee -2,49%
axp -2,17%
aiv -1,19%
ajg 2,26%
bax 2,01%
bbt 5,98%
bcr*** 10,76%
bwa 11,35%
brk.b 0,56%
cbg 2,02%
lng 8,24%
disck 3,69%
dps 3,48%
sbux -1,81%
tgna 7,54%
dis 2,69%
bhi*** 3,77%

A good trader immediately sees the strength of our system: low losses and big profits.(***) Stocks that we do not trade anymore because they have been replaced.

How to read the Daily Report

The Daily Report is a document we send every day to your email address before US Stock Market open; you’ll find all the orders that you need to trade Stocks with our strategy. The orders are made to be insert in every trading platform, therefore doesn’t matter what kind of Broker you prefer.


This is an example of what you find in our Daily Report. As you can see, it’s easy to read, but we will explain to you everything.
At a glance, you notice we provide Buy/Sell (Long/Short) entry level, Take-Profit and Stop-Loss orders, and EPS and EX-Dividends dates (EPS dates is an information not to be underestimated, because they can make Stocks moving crazy with unpredictable gaps, as you can read in our article: how to deal with Earnings Announcement).
Every day, when we receive the Report by email, we should place orders before market opens, then we can take time for relax, because we don’t need to follow constantly the Market in intraday.

Actual Position

To simplify the reading, we decided to use colors for each type of open position:

  • “FLAT”: when the position is in black, there isn’t an open position, and every time we open one, the color changes in green or red.
  • “LONG”: we have a LONG position.
  • “SHORT”: we have a SHORT position.


Order of the Day

In the “Order of the day” column, there is the entry order to place in the market. The type of orders we use, are:


The percentage is the amount of the Capital available for the Stock that we have to use. This percentage is the result of a risk/reward ratio analysis that allows us to use safely our strategy in the market conditions in which the stock is located (if you don’t understand how to use or how this percentage means, please look at the tab here on the right).


In this cell there is the price and the percentage of position that we have to close to take the profit.

Important rule
As you have seen in the previous screenshot, sometimes Order of the day, Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, EPS ann. Date and EX-Dividend date are written in blue. Indeed, orders written in blue are new (changed from the previous day), so it’s easier for you noticing it if there is something to change. Like in the example:

Report of November 1, 2017:

Report of November 2, 2017:


The Stop-Loss cell shows the price where we close the position in loss, to protect the trade in case the Stock moves against us. This is very important; there is no percentage here and no limit orders, because once we must close the position in loss, we just close it straightaway. We cannot risk remaining in the Market with a position in loss, just because we hope it turns. Here, the numbers are the rulers.

EPS ann. date

The EPS cell allows us to handle the position every time a Company announces its profits, avoiding situations that are unpredictable and if unmanaged, they can lead to high losses. We also notify if the announcement is Before Market Open (BMO) or After Market Close (AMC).

Ex-Dividend date

(Wikipedia source) The ex-dividend date, also known as the reinvestment date, is an investment term involving the timing of payment of dividends on stocks of corporations, income trusts, and other financial holdings, both publicly and privately held. If a sale is before this date, the dividend belongs to the new owner; if on or after the date, the seller is entitled to the dividend.

If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.

The Percentage System

The Percentage System is a matter of numbers, after we have been able to understand the pro and cons of our strategy. We use this approach to take the most from our work.

We have our trading capital, destinated to trade Stocks, and we call it CAPITAL

We have a number of Stocks that we have studied and we are able to trade. The number of Stocks we trade is NStocks.

At this point, we divide the CAPITAL for the number of Stocks we trade (NStocks), and we multiply the result x3:

(CAPITAL / NStocks) x3 = CapitalForStock

CapitalForStock is the amoount of capital we are allowed to use for each Stock we want to trade.

An example with real numbers will make everything clear:

We have a capital of 100.000 USD and we trade 22 Stocks (just an example):

100.000 / 22 = 4.545.45 USD

4545.45 x 3 = 13.636,36 USD

For each Stock, we are allowed to trade at most 13.636,36 USD

Now, you know I use percentages in my strategy when I have to open or take profits; what does this percentage mean?

If I say to open 100% of the position, I use 13.636,36 USD (more or less, of course, it depends on the value of the Stock). If I say to open 20%, we use only 20% of 13.636,36, which is 2727.27 USD.

What about when I say to close 50%? It means I close 6818.18 USD.

I know it is not immediately easy to understand, but this is very important to be able to get the most from the strategy!

If we are in the Market with 50%, we cannot close 80%, because we are not in the Market with enough.

We use the same amount for each Stock, and we call that amount “100%“. If you are so good to turn your 100.000 USD to 125.000 USD, then you will be allowed to recreate the amount allowed to use for each Stock:

(125.000/22)x3 = 17.045,45 USD!

Our system is great because it keeps the risk very low, we have a very low drawdown! We can use a leverage of 10:1 if we want to, but you probably know that you will not find Brokers allowing you to trade with such a high leverage (trading Stocks, not CFD!). Now you understand, using the x3 rule, it is like you use a leverage of 3:1. Then, you can use a leverage of 2:1 or 4:1 from your Broker. We have a few Brokers we work with that we are happy to introduce you, they are very famous and with very low commissions.

Get your Daily FREE Stocks Strategy Report

My dear Mr. Prandelli;
You really have a smooth handle on soybeans. Thanks for the info on beans. You do seem to have a crystal ball for the market, most notably soybeans. Nice to make a buck or two thanks to you. Closed contracts today as the market is moving strongly up in soybeans. Maybe should have let it run but like you always say, “stay with the trend as there will be more opportunities ahead”.

Harold Warnick
Private Trader, West Virginia (USA)

Precise strategies to make profits

It is important to know we can rely on a precise strategy that has no doubt of what we should do, in any situation. We work with favorite odds and numbers, this is the reason our strategy has produced real profits. The power of our Service is on these points:

  • We let the profits to run and cut the losses, using always stop-loss orders on any position
  • The strategy monitors the Market every day, avoiding big losses
  • A solid Stock Trades-Record based on more than 10 years of history data
  • Drawdown very low, with the possibility to use a comfortable 2:1 leverage
  • The Market changes conditions, we change conditions; our strategy is not static