CR Bard - What you should know and watch to trade this Stock

Trading C. R. Bard Stocks before & after Becton Dickinson acquisition

C. R. Bard stock (symbol: BCR) made a big jump after the acquisition announcement, in April; here is a little analysis about how to handle this stock in the future; we had a buy signal two days before the acquisition and we do not have any reason to give up following the uptrend.


In April, Becton Dickinson announced the acquisition of C. R. Bard, which skyrocket +20% in one day, but do you believe me if I tell you that we had a signal to buy two days before the announcement? And we do not have any reason to sell at the moment.


Bard Stock after the Becton Dickinson acquisition


You can think we are lucky, or we have an uncle who works in C. R. Bard, but if you look at the chart, you will notice that even without that big jump, C. R. Bard was in uptrend anyway! We had a BUY signal over 252 because we wanted to follow the uptrend, and over it we knew this Stock was ready to continue its run (how we knew it, that’s our work). Work with the trend and learn where the trigger points are! This is what we do, this is what we offer. The signal here below is the original one we sent to our subscribers on April 20, 2017:

Trading signal before Bard moved strongly up


Why are we saying there is no reason to sell C. R. Bard Stocks?

The data I have are from the 1995, and C. R. Bard Stock is in uptrend since 1996 (I cannot see the years before)! It looks like a safe trend! Not a bad choice to try to follow it, right? But we do not like to invest our money without a strategy; for this reason, we use our trigger points, and we can tell you the next important resistance is at 342-343 USD. Plus, have you noticed that since 2008, we can measure four significant drops, and they all have something significant in common:

  • 2008 – 2009 drop: -32.67 USD
  • 2008 – 2009 drop: -32.67 USD
  • 2011 drop: -33.04 USD• 2015 – 2016 drop: -30.26 USD
  • 2016 drop: -35.8 USD


Bard Stock is strongly in uptrend since 1996 and every pullback is not move than $36

Do you see it?

The biggest drops of C.R. Bards since 1995 (the history data I have) are always around $33 per share (+/- $3). We can learn from this simple stat that C. R. Bards does not suffer any change of the main trend as long as we see pullbacks of 30-36 USD per share. Any drop larger than $36 will be an alert, because it is possible the main structure of the uptrend is about to change then.

If you are not entirely convinced about our work, sign up for our FREE Daily Report on our website, our strategy will convince you. We are providing our strategies for free until February 2018.


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